Will There Be Another Mummy Movie?

We all loved the Mummy movies growing up, and with a new one out in theaters, we’re wondering if there will be another one soon!

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Since The Mummy was released in 1999, there have been many rumors about a sequel. The movie was a hit, grossing over $400 million at the box office. Brendan Fraser, who played the lead role of Rick O’Connell, has said that he would be interested in reprising his role in another Mummy movie. However, it seems that Universal Studios is not currently working on a sequel.

What was the last Mummy movie?

The last Mummy movie was “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. It was released in 2008.

Will there be another Mummy movie?

It’s been nearly two decades since the last Mummy movie was released, and fans are still wondering if there will be another one. The answer, unfortunately, is probably not.

The Mummy franchise was never quite as successful as some of its contemporaries, and its last outing was met with mixed reviews. Furthermore, the rights to the franchise are currently held by Universal Studios, which has shown no interest in reviving it.

That said, stranger things have happened in Hollywood. If enough people show interest in a new Mummy movie, it’s possible that Universal could change its mind. So if you’re a fan of the franchise, make some noise!

Who would star in another Mummy movie?

There’s no word yet on whether or not another Mummy movie is in the works, but if it is, we have a few ideas about who could star in it.

First, there’s Tom Cruise, who played the lead role in the most recent Mummy movie. He’s a big star with a lot of box office clout, so it’s possible he could be tapped to star in another Mummy movie.

Second, there’s Sofia Boutella, who played the titular role of Ahmanet in the most recent Mummy movie. She was great in the role and has already shown she can carry a big-budget action flick.

Finally, there’s Russell Crowe, who played Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde in the most recent Mummy movie. He brought a lot of gravitas to the role and could definitely return for another Mummy movie.

So, while nothing has been announced yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if another Mummy movie is already in development with Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe attached to star.

What would the plot of another Mummy movie be?

At this point, it’s not clear if there will another Mummy movie. However, if there were to be another film in the franchise, it’s possible that the plot would revolve around the discovery of another ancient mummy. This mummy could be from a different culture than the previous one and could present a new set of challenges for our heroes. Alternatively, the plot could focus on the characters from the previous film dealing with the aftermath of their adventure. Whatever the case may be, it’s sure to be an action-packed ride!

When would another Mummy movie be released?

There is no set release date for another Mummy movie at this time. However, some fans speculate that it could come out as early as 2020. This is based on the fact that the last Mummy movie was released in 2017 and that there is usually a three-year gap between movies in the franchise. Of course, this is all just speculation at this point and nothing has been confirmed by the studio.

How would another Mummy movie be received?

There is no denying that the 1999 Mummy movie, starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, was a blockbuster hit. It grossed over $400 million at the box office and spawned two sequels. But does that mean there is still interest in another Mummy movie?

It’s been almost 20 years since the first movie was released, and the landscape of the film industry has changed a lot in that time. Blockbuster hits are not as common as they used to be, and audiences’ tastes have changed. Would another Mummy movie be able to find the same success as the original?

It’s possible that a new Mummy movie could find an audience among those who loved the original trilogy. However, it’s also possible that a new movie would be met with skepticism and even backlash. It would all depend on how well the new movie was made and how it compared to the original trilogy.


After much research and deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that it is unlikely that there will be another Mummy movie in the near future. The last movie in the franchise, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, was released in 2008 and was not well-received by either critics or audiences. Furthermore, the star of the franchise, Brendan Fraser, has moved on to other projects and does not seem interested in revisiting his role as Rick O’Connell.

While it is admittedly disappointing that there are no plans for another Mummy movie at this time, we must remember that the franchise has given us three great films spanning over a decade. We should be grateful for what we have, and who knows? Maybe one day there will be another Mummy movie.

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