Is A Christmas Carol A Good Movie?

Similarly, Is A Christmas Carol worth watching?

A Christmas Carol on FX adds something unique to the classic narrative, and it’s worth watching just for that. It delves into the depths of evil to the point that even the normally upbeat Cratchit family is pulled down with Scrooge.

Also, it is asked, What is considered the best Christmas Carol movie?

(A Christmas Carol) Scrooge (1951) Scrooge McDuck (1988) A Christmas Carol is a classic Christmas story (1984) A Christmas Carol with the Muppets (1992) A Christmas Carol is a classic Christmas story (1971) A Christmas Carol is a classic Christmas story (1938) The 1938 film A Christmas Carol, starring Reginald Owen, was the first full-length feature film adaptation of Dickens’ novella in the United States.

Secondly, Is Disney’s A Christmas Carol scary?

The most accurate adaptation, yet too frightening for children. However, since the book has a gloomy topic (human pain) and incorporates the supernatural and macabre as important tale components, it is not suitable for children. Dickens referred to it as a ghost tale, and Disney did not shy away from mentioning it.

Also, Is A Christmas Carol for adults?

Adult language, brief nudity, horror themes, hints of child molestation, forced prostitution, and a portrayal of a drowning kid are all included in the play. VFX (U.S.)

People also ask, Why is the Christmas Carol so popular?

She thinks there are a lot of reasons why “A Christmas Carol” is so adaptable and popular throughout the years. Langbauer said, “It’s persevered because it’s simply such a terrific narrative by an outstanding writer.” “Dickens was attempting to portray universal issues about human fellowship that we still grapple with today.”

Related Questions and Answers

How old was Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

He’s 234 pounds. Yes, despite the fact that he was invented by Charles Dickens in 1843, Scrooge’s birthdate is Feb. 7, 1786, and there is no record of his death, making him older than dirt, according to But, hey, he doesn’t seem to be any older than 233.

Who played the best Scrooge?

Ebenezer Scrooge’s Top 10 Performances, Ranked1 Sim, Alastair. Alastair Sim is the epitome of Ebenezer Scrooge. George C. Scott is number two on the list. Seymour Hicks is one of three Seymour Hicks. Michael Caine is number four. Patrick Stewart is number five. Christopher Plummer is number six. Jim Carrey, number seven. Tim Curry, number eight.

What movie version of A Christmas Carol is closest to the book?

A Christmas Carol (No. 1) (1999) If Patrick Stewart’s presence alone isn’t enough to get you to see this adaptation, maybe the script’s near-identical-to-the-book similarity will.

Is Scrooge appropriate for kids?

The music and vibrant plot will appeal to children aged six, seven, and eight, although the youngest may be put off by the ghost aspect, which may be frightening. Older children might benefit from a reminder of what Christmas is all about now and then. For teenagers and adults, a more substantial version may be required.

What age is A Christmas Carol movie appropriate for?


Why is A Christmas Carol Rated R?

Parents should be aware that this dark adaptation of A Christmas Carol contains a number of serious topics, including labor and sexual exploitation, as well as living with remorse for actions done against others in the past.

Is A Christmas Carol 2019 Scary?

‘A Christmas Carol’ Review: A Dark, Nightmarish Horror Film Based On Charles Dickens’ Holiday Classic

Is Christmas Carol based on a true story?

To be honest, it’s not based on anything in particular. The persona of Ebenezer Scrooge, as well as the severe conditions of the poorest individuals in London at the period, were based on actual people and locations. Scrooge is said to have been inspired by two separate persons.

What is Christmas carol all about?

A Christmas Carol is a drama about Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly and greedy old man who despises Christmas. Scrooge is nasty to his nephew when he asks him to spend Christmas with him on a frigid Christmas Eve. He is mean to his employees, refuses to donate to charity, and then is rude to his nephew when he invites him to spend Christmas with him.

What did Charles Dickens think about Christmas?

A cheerful Christmas morning, according to Charles Dickens, does not need money or fortune, but rather heart, love, and family.

Was Scrooge molested as a child?

In the TV rendition of A Christmas Carol, the headmaster adds, “You’ll be with me, just like last year,” when it becomes evident that Scrooge was sexually mistreated or raped every Christmas at his boarding school after all the other students had departed.

Is Scrooge a real last name?

In 1920, the Scrooge surname was discovered in the United States. In Pennsylvania, there was just one Scrooge family in 1920. This accounted for 100% of all Scrooges ever documented in the United States.

What does Bah Humbug means?

disgruntled annoyance

What are the 4 ghosts in A Christmas Carol?

The four spirits that visit Scrooge are as follows: Jacob Marley is a fictional character. The first ghost to face Scrooge is Marley. The Reincarnation of Christmas Past When describing the Ghost of Christmas Past, Dickens did not utilize gender pronouns. Christmas Present’s Ghost Next up comes the Ghost of Christmas Past. There’s Still a Ghost of Christmas to Come.

How long did it take Dickens to write A Christmas Carol?

six-week period

Did Scrooge have a wife?

He proposed marriage to a young lady called Belle, but his passion for Belle was progressively overshadowed by his desire for money.

What is the Scrooge’s first name?

Scrooge McDuck

Is the movie Scrooge on Netflix?

Is Scrooged going to be available on Netflix in 2020? There are so many Christmas movies available on Netflix that it makes my head spin, but if you were hoping to see Scrooged, you’re out of luck. The movie isn’t on Netflix, but there are plenty of other Christmas movies to fill the void.

What is the difference between Christmas Carol and Scrooge?

The narrative of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly man, is told in the classic novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Scrooge was helped by a ghost who told him about his past, present, and future.

Which scene was not included in the novel but added to the film A Christmas Carol?

The third ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Future, is represented quite differently in the two genres (film and novel). Which sequence was added to the film after it was not featured in the novel? Marley was as lifeless as a doornail.

How does the ghost’s silence affect Scrooge and the reader?

The Ghost brings Scrooge to future events and shows out the things he needs to know, but he doesn’t answer any of Scrooge’s queries. He is the most scary of the Spirits, both to Scrooge and to the reader, because of his gloomy stillness.

How much does Bob Cratchit get paid?

a weekly wage of 15 shillings

What is Disneys A Christmas Carol rated?


Is Scrooge a family movie?

Parents should be aware that this horror-comedy parody of Charles Dickens contains harsh language, violence (though not bloody), some sex discussion (but nothing seen), and drinking.

How long is the movie Scrooge?

Scrooge / Running time: 1h 53m

Is A Christmas Carol worth watching?

A Christmas Carol on FX adds something unique to the classic narrative, and it’s worth watching just for that. It delves into the depths of evil to the point that even the normally upbeat Cratchit family is pulled down with Scrooge.

What is the highest age rating for a movie?

NC-17. The NC-17 classification is the maximum a film can get (even higher than the R-rating), and it indicates that the picture is intended for adults only (ages 18 and above), with no one under the age of 17 being admitted. Prior to 1990, this grade was assigned an X.


“A Christmas Carol 2019” is a movie that was released in the year of 2019. It has been rated by critics at a rotten tomatoes score of 71%.

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