Can’t Breathe: The Movie

Can’t Breathe: The Movie is a gripping, feature-length documentary that tells the real-life story of Eric Garner, a black man who died after being placed in a chokehold by a white police officer. The movie provides an in-depth look at the events leading up to Garner’s death, the protests and unrest that followed, and the ongoing fight for justice.

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Provocative, personal, and powerful, “Can’t Breathe: The Movie” is a documentary that explores the life and death of Eric Garner. On July 17th, 2014, Garner was killed by a police chokehold during an arrest for allegedly selling “loosie” cigarettes. Despite video footage that captured the event and Garner’s pleas of “I can’t breathe,” the grand jury chose not to indict the police officer responsible for his death.

The film follows the last year of Garner’s life as he struggled with health issues and battled against police misconduct. Through interviews with his family, friends, and fellow activists, “Can’t Breathe: The Movie” provides a unique and intimate look at the man at the center of one of the most important civil rights cases in recent memory.

The movie’s plot

The film tells the story of a young black man who is suffocating from living in a society that doesn’t understand him. It is a story of frustration, racism, and hope.

The movie’s cast

The movie centers on Jamal (played by Michael B. Jordan), a young black man who is inappropriately stopped and frisked by the police. When he complaints to the police department, he is ignored. The frustration and indignity of this experience drives him to seek justice through vigilante violence.

The cast also includes teh following actors:
-Halle Berry as Jamal’s mother, Nancy
-Tracy Morgan as Jamal’s uncle, Bobby
-NKOSI Novak as Jamal’s best friend, Jazmine
-Octavia Spencer as Miss Myers, Jamal’s schoolteacher

The movie’s production

The movie’s production was a long and difficult one. It took over two years to complete, and was plagued by financial problems and creative differences. However, the finished product is a powerful and moving film that has received critical acclaim.

The movie’s release

The release date for Can’t Breathe: The Movie has not yet been announced.

The movie’s reception

The movie was very well received by audiences and critics alike.

The movie’s critical response

The movie’s critical response was largely positive, with many reviewers praising the performances of the cast and the movie’s overall direction.

The movie’s box office performance

grossing only $8 million on its opening weekend, many moviegoers stayed away from “Can’t Breathe: The Movie.” The film depicting the final moments of Eric Garner’s life, who died after being put in a chokehold by NYPD officers, opened in theaters on October 9th.

The movie’s legacy

As a movie, “Can’t Breathe” has been both praised and criticized. On the one hand, it is seen as an accurate portrayal of police brutality and the inequities of the justice system. On the other hand, some feel that it sensationalizes violence and does not present a balanced view of the issue.

“Can’t Breathe” was released in theaters in October 2014 and was directed by Mattew A. cherry. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, and Octavia Spencer.


Cant Breathe: The Movie is a searing and sobering look at the effects of police brutality on Black and Latino communities in America. The film follows the stories of several victims of police shootings, as well as the families of those killed, and makes a stirring case for mandatory body cameras for all police officers. It’s an eye-opening film that is sure to provoke thought and discussion.

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